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Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Students have many priorities in life including sports, many school subjects, band, and other extra curricular activities as well as responsibilities at home. With so many distractions, often students can learn to phonetically pick out words but that doesn't mean they can grasp concepts and truly understand the meaning of a passage. To excel academically and reach their potential in life, it is essential students learn full... comprehension of what they read in a given passage.

Here are some practical ways to help improve reading comprehension for your children and maybe improve your own reading comprehension.

1. Read and reread as necessary, the first sentence of each paragraph and the first paragraph for each passage to get a good overview of the message being conveyed.

2. Review any pictures, diagrams, maps and pictures which can help you understand the passage.

3. Read and reread the last paragraph or sentence to get an explanation of the important points made.

4. Take notes or highlight important points in the text. This helps students recall what they read or provide quick access to important points.

5. After completing a reading take a few minutes to review and write down what was learned. This will make it much easier to come back later and recall what was read.

I hope this helps you and your student improve their reading comprehension.