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Reviews of Above Grade Level North West Houston

There are many tutoring choices available today so why choose Above Grade Level? Our goal is to provide proven, personalized in-home tutoring services which gives hope and encouragement to empower our students, parents and tutors. Our success depends on our integrity and transparency while we strive to build trust in all our relationships. Our educational services are unique in that we demonstrate genuine care and concern to our students, parents and tutors as if they were members of our own extended family.

Barbara S.

2 weeks ago

Our son had been struggling the last few years with math, and we knew we needed some help to get him back on track. Mike and team from Above Grade Level have been great to work with, building a custom tutoring plan for our son. He's focusing on the exact areas he needs to get stronger in and gaining a lot of confidence and better grades as a result! Thanks AGL!!

Alex D.

3 weeks ago

I have recently become employed with Above Grade Level and love my experience so far. I enjoy teaching students, expanding their knowledge and helping them master the subject they once struggled with. At Above Grade Level they have many resources for the children and the tutor's to use in order to pinpoint the student's area of weakness, and provide the necessary worksheets and tools to excel.

David V.

4 months ago

Our son was in great need of help for his writing and language arts a few years ago. We got him a tutor and he did a little bit better, but I really wish that Above Grade Level had been available to him back then. This is a very excellent tutoring company. The owners are wonderful and caring people who truly feel a passion for helping students become more motivated and even excited about their school work. Where dread and frustration once may have been the norm for them, these students are given a new outlook and greater confidence in school.

Prelow T.

2 months ago

My son was struggling in math this year. He typically excels in math, but he was frustrated and slowly spiraled down. I decided to use Above Grade Level, and it was a great experience. My son's confidence returned, and he feels ready for the next grade level.

Yaser E.

4 months ago

Above Grade Level does an amazing job tending to their students. Their tutors are experienced and know how to interact with the students

Lauren G.

8 months ago

This is my first time using a tutor for my son. After struggling through 3rd grade and possibly looking at being held back a year I was beginning to realize I needed some extra help for my son. His main struggle is math and I an not an expert in teaching/tutoring especially with the ever changing curriculum that is taught in schools today. Knowing his 4th grade year was about to begin I started my tutoring quest online and mentioned to family member in the area to see what all was out there. After looking over online reviews of numerous programs I decided to try Above Grade Level. I had heard great things from several people and they were also one of my top 3 picks. After hesitating for several days I reached out to the company and am so glad I did! Its only been a little over 2 months (with tutoring sessions twice a week) but I can already see a difference. My son still struggles with Math and comprehension but by this time last year he was already failing in more than one class and did not have any average over a 75. I just received his 2nd Progress Report for this year and he is passing ALL his classes! He has high C's in math and one other subject and all other's are B's! Even though I wish I could see all A's I know with the progression I've seen so far its only a matter of time. Above Grade Level has also been great at listening to any concerns I have as a parent & they are always easily available to discuss those concerns. The program is structured to what the child specifically needs and can be adjusted at anytime be it that your child starts excelling in one area but begins struggling in another and that I love!

Jocelyn G.

5 months ago

I have been unsure about a personal tutor, and Mike and his team made it so easy that I wish I would have hired one sooner!! He has worked with the unexpected changes from dates/times to changes in the subject matter of each session. Cody (our tutor) is always on time and prepared. Even after a month, we saw a noticeable improvement with his school work.

Somona D.

9 months ago

Geometry Tutoring Above Grade Level has been great working with my son. They were very flexible when designing a plan and schedule just right for him. He was really struggling with Geometry and shortly after Above Grade Level started working with him he got an A on his next exam and an A the first 6 weeks after his sessions began. We appreciate Above Grade Level and happy to report a very positive experience.